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From property planning to selling, buying, survey, mutation, valuation to LIC, Deed, we do it all.
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Property Selling & Buying

We understand that while buying or selling a property, there are a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration & legal activities are one of them.

Property Registration

A person is considered the legal owner of a property only after getting the property registered in his/her name. Registering the property is an act of legal conveyance.

Property Loan

To achieve the dream of owing a property or home MIPAN INDIA helps so many people. Our core values are Transparency, Integrity, Excellence and of course Trust.


A property valuation process requires a property valuer to visit the property for the assessment and to find the right value of the property .We provide an independent opinion.


Mutation of a property or land is the change of title ownership from one person to another person when a property is sold or transferred. All the legitimate activities are done here.

Building Plan

Having a vast knowledge in Civil Engineering MIPAN INDIA creates perfect building plans, site plans according to client’s requirements with perfect measurements.


Building Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property. Occasionally, home buyers will use the former term, Structural Survey, for refer to a Building Survey.

Building Estimate

In the accurate estimate the details of various items are taken and calculated properly. The estimate prepared by dividing the work into different items, taking detailed measurements.

LIC Policies

Now a Days Life is all about the little moments that we enjoy with personal and loved ones. Never let it interrupted with an unpredictable event, leaving your family high.

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