Property Registration

The registration of a property involves requisite stamping and paying the registration charges for a sales deed and having it legally recorded at the Sub-registrar’s, Registrar’s (ADSR, DSR, Assurance Kolkata) office. A person is considered the legal owner of a property only after getting the property registered in his/her name. Registering the property is an act of legal conveyance. On average, the process takes around three months from the date of sale until the property is registered in the new owner’s name. However, certain external aspects can delay the process such as waiting for a stipulated condition in the contract to be fulfilled or obtaining a rates clearance certificate. Registering your immovable property should be the top priority when you buy a house, commercial shop or land as it proves your legitimacy to carry out any transaction. MIPAN INDIA is handling these deals flawlessly for the last 25 years. Our object is serving our clients through the most satisfactory way.


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