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In the accurate estimate the details of various items are taken and calculated properly. The estimate prepared by dividing the work into different items, taking detailed measurements of each item of work and calculating their quantities is known as detailed estimate. Estimation is an art to calculate the quantities and cost of different materials used in a building before its construction. This estimate will not describe the exact cost of the building, but it can give you the approximate cost value of the building that will assist sufficiently in managing money for the building. An estimate is done for any project before commencing about its fruitfulness and cost that will be expended on it. Rough Cost Estimate is conducted in different manners for different types of projects. Detailed Estimate is conducted to get the approval of Technical Sanction of the related project. Every type of cost is involved in Detailed Estimate. Therefore, it is considered a better estimation method. Having a wide experience in this field, MIPAN INDIA is doing this job professionally for the last 25 years.

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