Law firms face an increasingly competitive market as large accounting firms, which withdrew their legal practices from the market, are now re-establishing their legal practices and leveraging the intelligence gathered by their auditing teams. MIPAN INDIA is a law firm which is engaged in advising clients about legal rights & responsibilities regarding Property Selling-Buying, Property registration, Property Loan, Mutation, Building Plan-Estimate, Valuation, Survey as well as LIC. Having expertization in this filed, We are handling all these legal procedures for the past 25 years. The concept of legal process outsourcing is based on the division of labour principle, prevalent in law firms, where various time consuming and troublesome processes like due rigorousness are delegated to paralegals, document reviewers or interns.This allows the firm to address the various legal issues that arise on a daily basis while being able to streamline productivity. Construction law mainly deals with issues relating to building construction and engineering. It involves aspects of contract law, planning law, property law, commercial law and tort. Specialized Lawyers in construction could be working on large building projects or acting in disputes where there has been defective construction or non-compliance with planning laws.

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