Identify your boundaries and features of land to determine ownership through Surveys

Surveys are used to identify boundaries and features of land to determine ownership. It is the scientific process of measuring the dimensions of a particular area of the earth’s surface, including its horizontal distances, directions, angles, and altitude.  In this lesson, you’ll learn what a survey is and about the different types of surveys used today.

1. Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is used to locate the corners and boundary lines of a particular land. This type of survey involves both record and field research, including any measurements and computations needed to set the boundary lines in accordance with applicable state laws. A boundary survey may also involve locating easement lines and impacts.

2. Construction Survey

This type of survey requires staking out structures located on the property, including walls, buildings, roads, and utilities. Staking provides construction personnel with directions for implementing the improvements shown on the development plans. A construction survey may also involve both horizontal and vertical grading in addition to an As-Built survey.

3. Location Survey

Similar to a boundary survey, a location survey provides additional information on the location of interior improvements. This type of survey is most commonly used to fulfill the requirements of a zoning permit or loan application.

4. Site Planning Survey

a requirement for development permit applications, a site planning survey combines the elements of boundary and topographic surveys for site planning. This survey is used to plan design improvements and developments before construction begins.

5. Subdivision Survey

subdivision survey is used to divide a parcel of land into smaller tracts, lots, or estates. This type of survey is also used to design streets and drainages, and it must be recorded by the local and state government agency. This survey is also known as a partition survey.

6. Topographic Survey

The purpose of this survey is to locate both natural and man-made topographic features on a parcel of land. Examples of such features include barriers, utilities, buildings, heights, streams, trees, improvements, and outlines. A topographic survey may be required by a state or local government agency or might be used by architects and engineers for planning site improvements and development.

When it comes to applying land survey principles and choosing the necessary equipment, each type of land survey has its own unique requirements. No matter what type of land survey is needed, be sure to have the proper tools on hand. With many years of combined Land surveying experience, our expert team is well-versed in the rules and regulations of local administration throughout Kolkata area, and we are committed in providing high quality, accurate residential surveys within a timely, affordable manner.

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